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The Edna Walling Website -

Producer - Tantamount Productions

Executive Producer - Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The site was produced with the assistance of the ABC Cinemedia Multimedia Production Accord.

Tantamount Productions

    -Producer: Rob Wellington

    -Writer, Researcher and Photographer: Joanne Wellington

    -Site Author & Programmer: Bronwyn Lapham

    -Graphic Designer: Ole Sturm

    -Copy Editors: Rob Wellington and Helen Cushing

    -Project Manager: Phillip Dean

Tantamount Productions

State Library of Victoria (SLV)

    -Original Concept: Indra Kurzeme

    -Curator: Olga Tsara

    -Project Manager for SLV: Janice van de Velde

    -Image Digitisation: SLV Online Media Unit, Multimedia Access Team, Picture Collection & Photographic Section

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    -Liaison: Sabine Glissmann-Gough

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    -Executive Producer: Richard Reisz

ABC / Cinemedia Accord Project Managers:

    -David Tiley

    -Domenic Friguglietti

    -Jane Doyle

ABC Technical Advisor: Robert Hutchinson

Tantamount Productions would like to thank all the people and organisations that have generously provided support, information and materials for the production of this site.


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    -Alistair Smith interview, conducted by Daryl Dellora and Jo Wellington, 6th April, 2001.


    -Glen Wilson

    -Estelle Thompson

    -Alistair Smith


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    -Barbara Barnes
    -Trisha Dixon
    -Peter Watts
    -Jennie Churchill
    -John and Gillian Isbel
    -Bickleigh Vale residents
    -Alistair Smith
    -Sally Brouwer
    -Mary Ann Sporon-Fiedler
    -K O MacKinnon
    -Shirley O'Sullivan
    -Robert Hammond
    -Glen Wilson
    -Estelle Thompson
    -Joss Tonkin
    -Burnley Horticultural College Archives
    -Simon Reeves
    -Dorothy Walker
    -Sara Hardy
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