House 395 Glenferrie Road Malvern Lippincott House Glenard Drive Eaglemont Jenkins House 139 Manning Street Malvern East
Ranmoor (demolished) 
395 Glenferrie Road, Malvern VIC
[Beaver & Purnell, 1915]

Lippincott Residence
21 Glenard Drive, Eaglemont VIC
[Roy A Lippincott, 1915]
Jenkins Residence (demolished)
139 Manning Street, Malvern East
[D C Jenkins, 1919]
Beament House 33 Uvadale Grove Kew GSDA No 1 dwelling Castlecrag Excelsior Cafe
Beament Residence
33 Uvadale Grove, Kew VIC
[Eric Nicholls, 1921]

GSDA Dwelling No 1 (interior)
136 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag NSW
[Walter Burley Griffin, 1921]

Old Arts Building, University of Auckland
Auckland NZ
[Lippincott & Billson, 1921-25]

Grant House Castlecrag Robinson House 108 North Road Brighton Langi Flats Lansell Road Toorak
Grant Residence
8 The Parapet, Castlecrag NSW
[Walter Burley Griffin, 1922]

Robinson House
108 North Road, Brighton VIC
[Percy Robinson, 1923]
Langi flats
2 Lansell Road, Toorak VIC
[Walter Burley Griffin, 1925]
Row houses Armadale Bond House 7 Rochester Road Canterbury
Row houses (remodelling)
17-21 Rose Street, Armadale VIC
[Eric Nicholls, 1926]

Smith & Caughey Department Store
Elliot & Wellesley Streets,
Auckland, NZ
[Roy A Lippincott, 1927]
Bond Residence
7 Rochester Road, Armadale VIC
[Leslie G Grant, 1927]
Ballantyne Tomb Brighton Cemetery Wilson House Castlecrag Sound Shell
Ballantyne family tomb
Brighton Cemetery VIC
[Walter Burley Griffin, 1927]

Wilson Residence
2 The Barbette, Castlecrag NSW
[Walter Burley Griffin, 1929]

Louis Hay's own architectural offices
Napier, NZ
[Louis Hay, 1932]

Glebe Incinerator Sydney Hindmarsh Incinerator Adelaide Malaru Flats Brighton
Glebe Municipal Incinerator
Forsyth Street, The Glebe, NSW
[Griffin & Nicholls, 1932]

Hindmarsh Municipal Incinerator
Burley Griffin Boulevard, Brompton, SA
[Griffin & Nicholls, 1935]

Malaru flats
33-39 Campbell Street, Brighton VIC
[J H Esmond Dorney, 1936]

Thebarton incinerator Adelaide St Paul's Church of England Moriarty House Castlecrag
Thebarton Municipal Incinerator
36 West Thebarton Road, Thebarton SA
[Griffin & Nicholls, 1936]
St Paul's Church of England
Canberra Avenue, Griffith ACT
[J Burcham Clamp, 1938]
Moriarty House
215 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag NSW
[Eric M Nicholls, 1941]