People interviewed by Simon Reeves over the past two decades include:

David Caldwell (1928-2016)
Frank Dixon (1923-2013)
James Earle (1927-2014)  [Earle & Bunbury; Earle Shaw & Partners]
Robert Eggleston (1911-2000)  [Eggleston, McDonald & Secomb]
Kenneth Hardcastle (1921-2011)  [Godfrey Spowers Hughes Mewton & Lobb]
Helen Holgar (1923-2012)  [Holgar & Holgar]
Anatol Kagan (1913-2009)
John E W Mason (1911-2014)  [Mason & Weinstock]
Roy Prentice (1906-2006)  [Chief Architect, Housing Commission of Victoria]
Linton W Reynolds (1933-2010)  [Woodfall & Reynolds]
Ermin Smrekar (1930-2016)
Paul Wallace (1930-2012)  [Grounds, Romberg & Boyd]
Abraham Weinstock (1926-2016)  [Mason & Weinstock]

Landscape designers
Grace Fraser (1921-2010)
Margaret Hendry (1930-2001)
John Stevens (1920-2007)

We have recorded interviews with the widows of several leading architects, notably Lady Dorothy Evans (widow of Sir Bernard Evans), Mrs Dawn Kagan (widow of Anatol Kagan), Mrs Joan McIntosh (widow of Stuart McIntosh) and Mrs Jessie Miller 
(widow of James Miller, principal of Tec Draft Design & Construction).  We have also been in contact with the descendants of many other deceased architects including Geoffrey Woodfall, Anthony Hayden, Haydn Phillips, Walter Pollock, Herbert Tisher and Wystan Widdows to name but a few.  

Amongst the original clients we have interviewed are several clients of Robin Boyd (the Pearce, Ednie and Noble families), Anatol Kagan (the Anschel, Katz and Ross families), Haydn Phillips (the Buzaid, Frazier, Kidwell and Mee families), Alistair Knox (Cooke family), Peter McIntyre (Spitzer family) and CONARG (Plotkin family).